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How to Conquer Women For Dummies: Tips For Newcomers

Let’s start by facing a hard and cold truth: We are not made for current social interaction. By this we mean that men are not naturally made for what we call ‘day game’. You know, day and night game are pretty different one from another. In the night it’s easier to conquer a lady, because you have the alcohol in your veins and all of that. In simpler words: For many men it’s easier to do it at night and at the club.

But day game is a completely different beast. Consuming alcohol in a frequent basis and staying up late is not so good, so if you want to keep in shape and still get the ladies, then you need to learn how to master day game. And here in this article we will bring you a nice introduction to this amazing topic.

Learn To Accept Rejection:

Here we will apply a superb technique that can be found in Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”. There he explains that, in order to eliminate worry and feel better, you need to situate yourself in the worst scenario and accept it. Once you put yourself into that scenario and make yourself conscious that you will accept it, you will feel how the fear wears out kind of quickly.

You will still be kind of nervous, but it will be in a much lesser and more tolerable level. Therefore, you need to accept rejection and think that the best thing that can happen is that she will say yes and accept to talk with you and give you her number. In the worst case she will simply say ‘no’ or ignore you. What could go wrong?

Don’t Be Too Direct:

In varies from city to city and from country to country, but women are not so used to be flirted in the day. In the night it’s a completely different experience, as they are in a different kind of mindset. The day is a different beast.

You need to bring a good yet not too direct topic to start the conversation. For example, let’s say the girl you want to talk to is at the coffee shop writing on a piece of paper with a beautiful pen. Then, a good way to start the conversation would be: “Excuse me, but is it a good pen?” It’s a simple yet pretty effective way to start a conversation. You are not being too direct, and from that point you can keep the conversation going, but it also depends on the mood of the girl.

So here you have the way to get started in day game. It’s not very hard to start doing it. Just go to a venue where girls frequently go and start practicing your skills. It’s not natural for a man to do this, but you will learn to endure rejection and anxiety if you keep practicing for a good time.