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Your Pet Needs Grooming Too

Everyone loves their pets and that’s something that we’re not even arguing about. However, not everyone pays enough attention to their grooming. Since you’re going to keep them inside your house, and live your lifestyle, you should also get them groomed just like you groom yourself. It is necessary to take care of their hygiene. This is only done by taking care of them and grooming them. Some people find it hard because they don’t know how to do it. The most basic thing that counts in grooming and should be done by every dog owner is clipping their dog’s nails.   But most people end up regretting the idea because their dogs start making a big fuss when they’re about to do it.

How to Make Your Dog Stay Calm While You’re Clipping Their Nails?

Dogs get anxious when you tough their feet. This is something that comes naturally to them. As a dog owner, you should know how to do deal with such problems relating to your dog. You should touch your dog’s feet frequently so that it is used to something like. Like humans, dogs also have sensitive areas that make them feel ticklish. This is why they might start feeling anxious if you touch their feet and then attempt to clip their nails out of nowhere. Some dogs get so anxious they might even try to bite or growl.


If you’re going to your dog a bath and you’re worried that it’ll get anxious, then you need to know this. Most dogs get anxious on slippery surfaces. So just cover the bathtub and the task is done. Or you can also contact a grooming service as mobile pet grooming in Las Vegas is very common and will rid you of this.


How Much Sleep Does Your Dog Need

Dogs tend to change their sleeping patterns according to the owner’s. However, their sleeping needs and patters differ greatly form humans. While humans sleep for 8 hours during the night and ae physically active for 12 hours during the day, dogs do it differently. They stay asleep for more than 50% of the day and stay physically active for about 20% of it. This is because they need all this. There are several reasons why dogs need to sleep excessively. Most dogs have a sleeping pattern of 8 hours during the night and four five hours of napping during the day. Keep reading to find out how much sleep does your dog need.

Sleeping Pattern to Better Understand Why Your Dog Needs All This Sleep

The first phase of their deep sleep is the one when everything slows down. From the breathing rate to heartbeat and blood pressure, everything slows down. This is similar to humans’ sleeping pattern. After this phase, they enter the rapid eye movement phase which is the dreaming phase. This phase occurs in the humans for 25% of the sleeping time. In dogs, it only occurs for 10% of the sleep. This is the reason why dogs need to sleep more. Human stay in this phase for longer because their sleeping patterns are inconsistent. Dogs need to sleep more because they need to make up for the shorter REM.

It also comes down to other factors. Larger dogs sleep longer than smaller dogs. The breeds which are made for companionship need more sleep than the ones that are for other working purposes.  Younger puppies and old dogs need to sleep more. Dogs that are more physically active need less sleep than the ones that stay resting for most of the day. It also comes down to the diet of the dog.


Protecting Your Dog From The Cold

When the cold winter months starting rolling in, protecting yourself from the cold will be paramount in your mind. However, something that you might want to do even more than protect yourself from the cold would be to protect your dog from the cold. This is because of the fact that your pet is highly dependent on you, and as a caring pet owner you would definitely want to find ways to allow your dog to stay safe from unnecessary temperature extremes that could cause it to fall sick or even at best make it feel very uncomfortable indeed.

Right off the bat one thing you need to stop doing is making your dog sleep in parts of the house that are not that well heated. If your dog sleeps in a kennel, now is the time to bring it inside. A good way to figure out if it’s too cold outside for your dog is to stand outside wearing a jacket. If you feel like your jacket is enough to keep you warm and allow you to sleep then leaving your dog out would probably be fine. However, if you feel like it’s too cold, then you definitely need to bring your dog indoors.

Get your dog warm bedding indoors, and make sure that you place it in the right area as well. Parent In Progress is a good resource that can help you take care of your dog and keep it safe. It can teach you all that you would need to know about the dangers of cold weather for your dog and how you can prevent it from having too much of an impact on your pet. These are activities you will have to take part in if you want your pet to be comfortable.


Stone Cold Void

We love our pets just so unconditionally, but what are we going to do about the mess they make? Unfortunately, as a pet owner other than clean it up or deal with it in one way or the other, there isn’t else you can do. If you can’t commit to taking care of your pet and cleaning up after it then it is probably one of those signs that you aren’t quite cut out for owning a pet to begin with. They are a lot of work and require attention. They need to be fed and different kinds of animals have different requirements.

Take cats for instance. They might not need that much attention from their owners or rather they might even just be downright indifferent to them. As long as they know they are getting their food, they otherwise just mind their own business and you mind yours. This is something that actually makes them kind of appealing as a house pet because they are fun to have around but you don’t need to break your back playing with them all the time. That being said, even if you both leave each other alone, the same can’t be said for the state of affairs of the inside of your home.

Cats, dogs etc tend to get their hair all over the place as they run around from one place to another. You can’t just leave it around on the furniture, it’s a mess and besides. You might have a guest come over, could be friend or family, and they would be allergic to your cat so having their hair sprawled around the house could be a problem. You can get a vacuum cleaner from that are some of the best in their fields when it comes to pet hair removal.