How Much Sleep Does Your Dog Need

Dogs tend to change their sleeping patterns according to the owner’s. However, their sleeping needs and patters differ greatly form humans. While humans sleep for 8 hours during the night and ae physically active for 12 hours during the day, dogs do it differently. They stay asleep for more than 50% of the day and stay physically active for about 20% of it. This is because they need all this. There are several reasons why dogs need to sleep excessively. Most dogs have a sleeping pattern of 8 hours during the night and four five hours of napping during the day. Keep reading to find out how much sleep does your dog need.

Sleeping Pattern to Better Understand Why Your Dog Needs All This Sleep

The first phase of their deep sleep is the one when everything slows down. From the breathing rate to heartbeat and blood pressure, everything slows down. This is similar to humans’ sleeping pattern. After this phase, they enter the rapid eye movement phase which is the dreaming phase. This phase occurs in the humans for 25% of the sleeping time. In dogs, it only occurs for 10% of the sleep. This is the reason why dogs need to sleep more. Human stay in this phase for longer because their sleeping patterns are inconsistent. Dogs need to sleep more because they need to make up for the shorter REM.

It also comes down to other factors. Larger dogs sleep longer than smaller dogs. The breeds which are made for companionship need more sleep than the ones that are for other working purposes.  Younger puppies and old dogs need to sleep more. Dogs that are more physically active need less sleep than the ones that stay resting for most of the day. It also comes down to the diet of the dog.