Steps Involved in Microblading

If you have thinned out your eyebrows very frequently in the past and now want to have a full eyebrow look then microblading is the solution, well besides getting up every morning and putting on makeup every single day.

If you want to go through with the process you should first learn about all the steps that are involved in the microblading process. You can also go to to understand the whole process in detail. Here is the overview of microblading:

Step 1: Analysis

The first step is the analysis of your eyebrows, the artist will first ask you the kind of look that you want so that they can further analyze how to work on your case, any makeup on your eyebrows would be removed.

Step 2: Measurement

The next step is the measurement, the technician will put a scale around your eyebrows and then see where they should start depending on the type of look that you want, you can get a natural look and a perfectly filled in with makeup look as well.

Step 3: Microblading

The next step is filling in your eyebrows with makeup, although the color does not match the actual shade of your eyebrows. It might look weird so do not get flustered, after this step the actual microblading starts. The artist will use a pigment to match the actual shade of your eyebrows. This is the most painful part as a microneedle is used to fill in your eyebrows with the help of the pigment. Some people feel more pain than others. Once the whole process is completed you can expect redness and swelling. The healing process will last for one whole month.

Make sure that you always follow the care instructions that your technician tells you in order to avoid any complications.