The Best Way About It

Floor coatings are a necessary part of a business or corporation, especially in the industrial sector. They make the floor smoother and definitely easier to clean, but they come with a downside despite this. Many coatings, though incredibly favourable can make a floor a little too slippery if it becomes wet. This may not be a problem in some locations, but it can be a huge threat in others. Especially if the transport of fragile items is common across the flooring that this coating is applied to. Once very desirable coating is epoxy coating, however it is non-porous and so, can be a threat if wet.

Epoxy coating once applied, cured and dried becomes a very hard and durable surface. Often, it’s for this reason alone that epoxy coating is one of the top choices for coating in the industrial sector. It’s even used in the military for various things and if you have ever been to a bowling alley yourself, you have an idea of just what epoxy coating can do and what its benefits are for you. But if you have been to a bowling alley, you know how it could be problematic for you as well.

So, here are 6 ideas for a garage floor that’s been coated with epoxy. First is to get in touch with the components of a shark grip. It easily stirs into paints and stains as well. Aluminium Oxide additive, which is used in the industrial setting can be used to make a floor less slippery. Silica sand can be added to the top of floor coatings. SparkleTuff is an anti-slip coating but since you used epoxy, use a single-coat epoxy which has had anti-slip grit added to it or use containment mats which are recommended for snowy climates.