The Fibre And How It Changes The World

Up until maybe 5-7 years ago, we had all heard of optic fibre internet and the almost unbelievable speeds you could achieve from it. There was once a time when having a 4-12mbps connection was pretty normal but not you have people with 100-300mbps connections at homes. A handful of years ago, we knew about these speeds being used by very high tech offices like Google’s headquarters but who would have thought that these internet speeds will become so accessible to the rest of us and so soon?

If you haven’t updated your internet connection over the past 5-7 years then now is the best time for you to do so. On this page, we’ll walk you through why optic fibre bredband is absolutely necessary for you to have. Maybe there’s a new connection in your area, in which case you need to step up and have it installed right away. Optic fibre might cost a lot to install initially but it’s really worth it in the end.

Optic fibre internet is charged at a fixed cost so it’s easy for you to pay your bills. Optic fibre costs much lesser than what it did a few years ago so you wouldn’t be paying way too much more than what you did for your past connection. In return, you’ll get internet that’s fast and working around the clock. Optic fibre connections are also pretty easy to fix, in case you ever run into internet problems, you can expect to have it fixed pretty fast.

If you like gaming, you’ll want an internet that keeps you connected in real time. Yes, there’s very little ping with even far away locations when you have optic fibre internet.