Why Getting Your First Car Is a Manly Thing to Do

If you want to experience one of the highest degrees of manliness, then you need to learn how to drive a car and get your own. And make it manual, please. Automatic is just too girly haha, let’s put it like that.

In this article we are going to explore why it is a good thing to do as a man. So, keep reading if you are interested in this. Let’s get into it, because am sure that you will enjoy it from beginning to end.

Driving Makes You More Self-Reliant

Being a good driver is one of the best qualities any man can have, because it makes you more self-reliant. If you want to be a real man, then this is something you need to exploit.

Most men nowadays, unfortunately, are too dependent and needy. That is a horrible situation, yet you can escape from it if you want to, and learning how to drive is going to help you very much with it.

Therefore, if you do not know how to drive, then you need to do it as soon as possible. It will take practice to master it, but you can get a good hold of the fundamentals very early, yet you will have to practice and study more to become a real pro on it.

Buy a Used Car

If you are up for a little adventure, then you should know that there are wrecked car buyers. If you want to embark yourself on the adventure of fixing it, then you should go for it. Otherwise, you can rely on high-quality used cars.

They are cheaper than a new one, and therefore, a good first car. The point of this is to get your own vehicle, so you can start driving around and building up experience.

Being good at driving is all about practice and accumulating experience. If you don’t start now, then when will you?

However, when buying a used car, you should bring a mechanic so he can check it properly. This will help you to spot problems, so you can negotiate the price based on that as well.

All in all, buying your first car will be a pretty fulfilling experience, because you will have your own vehicle ready to teach you one of the most precious skills a man can have nowadays.

Girls Love It

Finally but not less important, girls love a man who can drive. If you want to increase your value, then you should go for it. As you can see it will make you more valuable and attractive in all senses, so why do not you give it a try?

Some will say that it is absurd to get a car just for showing off with girls, and I would agree with it, but it is a nice little bonus!


That is it. Now you know why you should get your first car ASAP, so just go for it!