Golf is a Rather Different Sport But The Best One Indeed

Golf originated in the 15th century in Scotland. It was not considered an elite sport back when it originated. It was rather a regular club and ball age. However, after it got popular, it came to be recognized as not just any other club and ball game. It requires much more skill and intellect than other sports. This is because the player has to think and contemplate the distance considering many factors such as the terrain and the ball. This is why it not considered as just a regular sport now. People consider it as a sport that requires much more dedication and patience.

The Sport is Rather Tricky

It is played suing a club which is shaped like a hockey from the bottom. The club is used to hit the ball and aim at the holes in the golf course. The holes are usually 18 in number and are placed at different points on the golf course. The ball is made from lightweight material so that is rather tricky to contemplate and hit. The winner of the game is decided according the format that the players are following.

The format is stroke play or match play. Stroke play is the one in which the winner is decided according to the number of strokes the players take to hit the holes. The player who hits the holes in the lowest number of strokes wins the game.

The Golf Course

The golf courses are made in a range of terrains as described on kurt chrisler golf blogs. The terrains can be rough such as having long grass r soft having sand dunes. The golf course can be spread over a large area or just over a small area of land.